Sadly, the end of an era

And so, sadly,  another icon of the Bloodlines heritage on SL has come to an end.

As of Saturday, the Eternal Flames clan under toniaatje Jupiter has come to an end. She has lieged under Morag of the Fallen Ones clan and merged both these clans.

Now, some may say this is just wrong but after a conversation with toniaatje Jupiter (Biatch) I can see the reasoning for this move. She used to spend a great deal of time online working her Eternal Flames clan and this took a great toll on her RL. Now, her RL has had some major changes… engagement to the love of her life means spending more time in her RL, her children and other concerns also make her online time more limited.

She was feeling she was “short changing” her clan members and needed to find a good way to ensure they had a stable clan to belong to that still adhered to her and their ideals. She found this in her long time friends, Morag and Lib. So she did the best thing for HER people and after some long discussions with Morag and Lib, came to a mutual agreement that benefited BOTH groups.

I applaud B for her move. For her “vision” of putting not only her but her clan’s needs first. It’s a hard thing to go from being number 1 in Bloodlines, the clan that has always been strong and had steady growth to accepting the realities of RL as opposed to SL. I applaud and commend her. As usual… she has proven why she and her clan have always been strong and a major aspect of life in Bloodlines and SL.

Take good care of these people Morag… Lib. You have been given a major honour and with these members, gained more than was offered. Cherish them, nurture them, let them know that the standards created by EF will continue in the Fallen Ones. That they will not be just numbers as in most “mega-clans”. You have gained many talented and loyal people. Let them know you respect them and their ideals.

“And out of the ashes, a NEW and more vibrant force awakens”…..and all will be watching…….always watching…




Okay.. NEW rant/post

With all due respect, I am completely baffled by people nowadays. When someone posts an open ad requesting people to apply to become a model for their “mother”.. and it is on MY facebook, am I wrong to reply… “No thanks”?

If you do not wish comments then take the ad private and ensure only certain people get access to it. OMG!! that is such a novel idea!! YOU are responsible for any and all comments you receive when you post it public..

Oh and since when is someone being polite and saying “No thank” you a cry for attention? What has happened to this generation of people who seem to forget that manners are important and when someone uses them it is NOT a slam against them.. merely what it is.. a polite declining of the offer….

I’ve decided that over the next while anyone who feels a need to rip into me for being polite, deserves to be removed from my friends list in FB… so.. get over it…

and have a blessed day… bubye for now!

Single…. once more..

I guess it was too good to last, I knew it.. you knew it… and so did everyone else. Thing is, this time it was a good thing. Kalli’s RL was getting too much .. and she felt sincerely bad not being able to spend time here in SL with me. So, we talked and decided it is best for now to un-partnered. we acted like adults (rare I know). We just felt this way she did not feel guilty and I did not feel forgotten… This is a good thing  right?.. then why do I still feel bad.. like I lost me best friend?

We’ll try it and see…. lord hates a coward… stay tuned for more info to come

No more confusion…..

I’ve tried. I have logged on, tried to get involved in chat… sure, people say hello (but only certain people)but otherwise, a person is ignored. I lost a minion the other day. Why you ask? Simple. She also tried. and was treated like a pariah. So, she unlieged and went elsewhere. Now normally, I would say this is just Bloodlines. People come and go but no. This was a long time friend who recently returned to SL after 2 years and willingly lieged to me because she knew me. Knew that I would treat her fairly and welcomely. She quickly found out that was not to be here, not in this clan. Oh I made her welcome, but this clan did not.

So, am I to lose more merely due to the attitude of this clan or will I take a stand and choose my “friends” over the clan? I know my friends. they’ve been my friends for over 6 years now. This clan has only been in the picture for 1 1/2 months. For example…. they are looking for “guardians”. So, me being a person who believes that if you are a member, try and give something back. I applied 3 weeks ago. I’m still waiting for an answer, or even an email/IM to at least let me know they got the application and are considering it. Ohh and it gets better. A NEW member, been with the clan for let’s see.. yes.. that’s right 3 weeks, he has been made a guardian immediately. No, I am not joking.

So, here’s my issue tonight. I went to an event. I even tipped the DJ and Host… ahh good clan member yes? No. It seems that all of a sudden some self righteous bitch decided I was to be her “kicking post” for the night and proceeded to make some rather nasty, rude comments concerning me in public chat while others got a chuckle, and when I say others, I mean people who are members of the “Royalty and Guardians and even the Elite”. WOW!! Did the clan creator/leader not just have a meeting telling people this kind of shit is not to happen and that if people are wanting to play these kind of games to take them to private IMs? Yes, she did but it was as usual, ignored. Good job people. Definitely something to be proud of.

Result? I left the event, not because I was “butthurt” as some would like to claim, but because I have more dignity and respect for myself than to remain and be some internet rambo’s whipping boy. I left and also told this lady (and I use the term loosely, cause she is definitely not lady) in “PRIVATE IMS” (notice I did not say public chat) that I was not impressed. Now mind you I also had to get up early for work but I could have stayed at least another half hour but why would I? To be further degraded and talked down to? I mean some of this persons comments were actually prejudicial in nature (ie/ of a homophobic nature).

I’m done. For now I will remain where I am but I am now looking for a NEW clan to call home. And I REFUSE to get involved with a large what I call a “MegaClan”. They are all well and good to get you in, but very shortly you are just another number to them and unless you are a member of the “inner, upper cliche” … you are jack shit and will always be jack shit. The “guardian” application is a perfect example. I have been in Bloodlines since almost the beginning. I have instructed more classes than most and have a better understanding than most, yet, they give the position to a noob. Wow.. gives more credence to “it is not what you know but who you know” saying.

Anyways, enough said. I had joined out of respect for a very close dear friend in support of her and our relationship. I had already heard rumours but felt she meant more to me than rumours. She still matters dearly to me but my own self respect and dignity also matter. I take great pride in the groups I belong to and expect them to at least try to keep a certain kind of standard as well. I have recently learned that perhaps my standards and those of others do not seem to be of the same level. So, I am looking for a new home and if none is found…. I will remain neutral to all. Sure, I will probably loose a few minions over this but if they do leave, they were never loyal to begin with….

I remain as alway’s …… me….. have a blessed day.


Perhaps it is just me. Perhaps I am just not a “follower”. Or perhaps there is some merit to my thoughts and feelings.

I recently mentioned that I had lieged into a new clan, one I will not mention as I do not feel it proper to post “shortcomings” about an organization without first giving it time to prove me wrong. I’ve been with this group for a little over a month now and while I know I may be new to this group, I kinda get the feeling that, I am merely “another number”. Now, I could be wrong, my liege is an awesome lady and some I’ve met do make an attempt to make a person feel welcome but here is the key.. the word attempt.

Most, will say hello and/or good morning but after that, if you try to have a conversation with them it is like talking to a wall. It is like  they are going thru the motions required due to their status but other than that, a person gets the feeling that they are beneath this “status”. As I said, maybe it is just me. Most of my life in Bloodlines has been as a King, or council member, or an Elite and now I am getting a look at the other side. Perhaps… or perhaps not.

With other clans, regardless of my rank, I ALWAYS went out of my way to try and make others feel wanted and extremely welcome. If someone new was in chat, I would make it a point to converse with them and try and make them feel a part of the conversation. This to me, anyways, was how we made a group stronger, closer, more like a family. This seems to be lacking here. I say seems because I seriously do not want to condemn this group. I DO understand how hard it is to manage a large group of people of various backgrounds and diversities. As I said, I have been a King of a clan, one I created from the bottom up, and had to also accommodate these issues. True, we were not as large as this group I’m in now, but we were over 10,000 strong and we did this in just over 6 months. Trust me, it takes quite a bit to meet the challenges of that kind of growth as well as diversity.

You need to garner and to nurture creative people who have that one specific talent, people skills… or can feel the needs of others, empathy. You need to be able to find a way to let others know they are supported in all their endeavours no matter how minor or small they may seem to outsiders. They are family, and if family does not support their effots, who will?

I have been in Bloodlines for a long time. Almost since the beginning. I’ve seen the changes, the failures, the idiocies, the complete SL people trying to ban us and to get us removed from SL altogether. I’ve seen and even partaken of the “blood frenzies” and such that initially plagued SL. So, I’m still here. Still involved. I am not one to give up easily. I have something to contribute, be it knowledge or time. So, for now, I’ll wait. I’ll give time a chance to see if things get better. As I said, I’m a patient man….. but even patience has it’s limits…..

*Silently steps back into the shadows and waits… silently observing… always observing……….*


Silent tears…..

I will remember you, you who brought joy into my life, brought life into my joy. I will remember you. I will remember your smile and the twinkle in your eyes. I will remember you. I will remember the times we shared some tears and weeped uncontrollably. I will remember you. I will remember the light of joy in your face as you looked at me innocently. I will remember you.

And now you are gone. No, not forgotten but merely gone. for in all thing that happen in my life, in all the ups and downs, the hells and heavens, the good and bad…. I WILL remember you….. today…. tomorrow… always…..

A NEW Home

So, apparently I was right and had to find a NEW home. I’ve now lieged to Kallista and joined up with Legion of Immortals.

So far, I have been made to feel welcome here. I’ve decided to apply my many talents to this group and to become more successful here. The few attempts I’ve made to “fit in” and help others in this clan have been met with appreciation, something lacking from the previous clan. This being said we will see how it goes.

I know, not much of a rant but meh…. not feeling it today. Tis Xmas season after all … anyways.. more to follow.

Too Sensitive for their own good!!

Apparently it is time for me to find a whole new group of friends. The ones I have are being too sensitive and whiney. It has come to the point where a person can’t even joke around anymore. Fine… you win… Come tomorrow morning I shall be “culling and winnowing” my friends list not only here but in SL as well. I’m tired of having to walk on “eggshells” and being politically correct. Grow a pair and get a thicker skin!

It used to be that people could joke and play around as friends and it was all in good fun. As of late if you even look at someone the wrong way, you are considered an asshole of the nth degree and those who once were friends, close that door to you. So be it. I’m not going to kiss ass or beg folks to like me or be my friend … I’m done with that shit. As I said, it is time for people to grow a pair of balls and a thicker skin.

If this means I lose all my friends as a result of my “new attitude”, then so be it. As far as I’m concerned if this is all it takes for them to delete me from their life or “close” me out, then they were NEVER seriously a friend. So, no fucking loss is it?

Everyone wants to be a friend but have no idea what a true friend is. Less trust and keeping people at a distance is apparently what it takes to exist nowadays. What ever happened to Loyalty, Trust, Honor, Truth, Devotion and Friendship? Apparently all have fallen victim to the “social” disease that lately is affecting so many. Perhaps it is time for me to also close some doors and keep to myself? This seems like it may be the wise choice as of late everything I do is wrong.

Something for me to consider… and ponder.

Welcome?… or merely another body/soul?

I would assume… and maybe this is just me, but I would assume (damn hate that word) that when a NEW member goes to a clan’s event, some would notice and perhaps introduce themselves to try and help the new person “fit in”. Apparently I’m wrong. I would like to thank the ONE person who did take the time to introduce herself and welcome me though while I was there. At least I know someone noticed.

This brings one to the same old adage of Bloodlines. Did they ask me to liege merely to get my souls or do they truly wish my presence in the clan? Look, I’m not a “noob”. I’ve been in SLBloodlines for about 7 years now. I’ve seen the “games” people play to get souls and how often once you liege, no one even notices you anymore. This can give a person a rather unhappy vision of life in that clan. Even force them to reconsider their joining in the first place.

I’m a “gungho” type person. When I join a clan I get involved and do the “Clan Mindset” thing where there is no better clan than the one I’m in. I’ll support them and root for them until I feel I am no appreciated or wanted.. then it is time to move on. Simple words… I believe I shall consider this move of mine to liege into this clan some more…. and see if it is where I seriously want to be…


And now for some “controversy”.
I’ve been contemplating things as of late and one thing that has fallen intro place in my thoughts is the fact of people “hanging and trolling” at East.. Okay, we are all adults or at least should be but does it not remind you of a certain kind of age old profession the way that certain people tend to only stand in certain spots?

When one seriously considers this, does it also not go to follow that in reality, that “RP Game” most play has somehow taken on the air of pornographic depths. I mean, some people are more than willing to do just about anything to get that “one elusive” soul.

I do say “just about anything” cause there are still some who will not cross that line and give into “that” kind of trade. And then there are the “soul sellers”. if this were the REAL world, they would be akin to (and not too distant from) involved in the slave trade. They are essentially selling people’s souls for money. THAT is tantamount to…. well suffice to say I’d not want to go there.

Wow… some deep thoughts here. And this is what happens when I’m home for more than a couple days. Time to get back to work soon or I may just go totally psychotic in my thoughts and perhaps liken this to other not so other popular things.

Suffice to say these are the ramblings of someone who ate too much Canadian Thanksgiving turkey… I wish all well and keep the oldest profession in SL alive….. *chuckles and fades